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Our Value Proposition

As a leading e-Learning service provider of educational products, Bhelela Technologies has over the years established a sound value proposition alongside its accumulated technical and professional expertise.


Bhelela's Products

Our Products

Our products leverages all of the basics in a turn-key package that allows you to quickly load and deploy your training courses to learners albeit “on-line” or “off-line”. It is straightforward, easy-to-use, and lets you upload and manage your compliant content, organise catalogues, and even manage users and groups.


Bhelela's Services

Our Services

We understand the strategic importance of developing and delivering high-quality, e-Learning solutions to augment and support traditional instructor-led training. Our services includes strategic partnerships with accredited content providers that enables us to provide state of the art, training solutions that are always current according to certification regulations and other governing bodies.


As a leading e-Learning enabler of educational products, Bhelela has over the years accumulated technical expertise and an understanding of the eLearning market. We bring that experience to our clients by distributing customised computer technology in the classroom, using computer hardware that is proven to enhance knowledge retention and learner interaction.


We offer the full spectrum of services to better equip our clients in the e-learning market.

Bhelela’s services Includes the following:

  • E-Learning Development
  • Change Management
  • Teacher Training Management
  • Technical Support
  • Content Delivery
  • Classroom Management
  • EduTech Solution Provider

    Bhelela’s expertise is fuelled by our passion and know-how of the Industry, knowledge and practice of ICT & E-Learning.

    Our team of employees are what we deem ground level experts, who are highly qualified, confident and focused on delivery.

    About Us

    Who we are

    We are an E-Learning solutions provider with established key skills and specialists in education and technology. We continue to attract key skills in the education sector with key focus on E-Learning.

    What we do

    Our objective is to be the largest E-Learning Support Partner to the sector in the next 5 five years. Our core business focusses on the following E-Learning areas:

    • Systems and software design
    • Applications development
    • Content acquisition and development
    • Help desk support
    • Content Cloud solutions
    • E-learning funding
    • Edu-Training & Development

    How we do it

    • Assist the education sector by providing tailor-made e-learning training to educators
    • Design and deliver quality content management and hardware solutions for e-learning devices to the South African Schools
    • Enhanced support center for continuous support to schools, learners, educators, parents and the Department to ensure that the deployed technology works and is optimally utilised
    • Attract education investment from South African private sector to improve education status and to migrate schools to required digital platforms
    • Build a data center to assist learner progression management from school to employment


    BHELELA TECHNOLOGIES are and have been the sole distributors of the Critical-Links range of products in SADC African Countries and offers a complete end-to-end range of Unified Messaging/Communications and Educational Solutions and services for their respective industries.

    C3 Appliance

    The C3 solution integrates a cloud-based content, curation, and management with a local point of presence. The result is the power of cloud-based e-Learning even in locations that may not always have internet access

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    Education Peripherals

    Bhelela sells a wide variety of Education Peripherals, including Teacher Laptops; Student Tablets; Interactive Whiteboards and Classroom Management software

    Wireless Technology

    We are a reseller of the RUCKUS product Range of WiFi technology within South africa, including:

  • Cloud Controlled Wi-Fi
  • All Sites Centrally Managed
  • Location Analytics & Security
  • Firewall, Security, Control & Management
  • Professional Training and Certification

    While it’s almost a given that technology is a great instrument for enhanced teaching, it can become a serious obstacle unless there are clear expectations for ICT use. Our training programs are designed to establishing clear expectations for ICT use on behalf of the Department of Basic Education.

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    One of the biggest differences between traditional classrooms and classrooms where technology has been introduced is the Paradigm Shift from teacher-centric to a student-centric learning model.